Laserbots VR - Add-On

Laserbots VR – Add-On


You have 13 minutes to complete all tasks and get away


Laserbots VR

Up to SIX players can engage with a challenging puzzle game in a race against the clock. You begin in a group lobby where all players can see and interact with one-another, get familiar with the tools equipped to the back of your hands and the space everyone is playing in. Each player has their own identifying color, one red, blue, green, and yellow. Each player gets two tools to use, and part of the puzzles is figuring out the function of each! On the surface this appears obvious; you have an expandable shield on the left hand that is able to reflect the second tool, on your right hand, an expandable energy sword. Players can experiment with these on each other and themselves to assist with identifying the function of each tool.

Up To 35min
$29 Per Player
2-6 Players
48% Escape Rate

Ready to venture deep into the swamp to find what danger is lurking there? Using the weapons on the raft, and your wits, it’s up to you and your friends to defend the swamp against an infestation of supernatural aliens. With enemies emerging from the shoreline, the water, and the sky, it’ll take cooperation and teamwork to make it through the swamp and defeat the Kraken safely. Beware! Don’t let your raft catch on fire! Use the fire extinguishers to protect the raft!


Walk around completely free. No teleporting. No wires. Loads of fun



Up to 6 people playing in the same Virtual World and physical space

Escape room

You will be faced with puzzles and challenges and should work together in order to succeed

Time Pressure

You have 10 minutes to complete all tasks and get away

VRCave Laserbots is a 2-6 player timed VR puzzle experience.

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