9 Year Old 1.5 Hour Virtual Reality Birthday Party

9 Year Old 1.5 Hour Virtual Reality Birthday Party

From: $290.00

1 HOUR of VR activities and 30 minutes in our lobby for cake, food and drinks.

Up to 10 players cost $290, each person after that add $20 each.

Experience the ultimate in birthday fun with our exciting virtual reality birthday parties in Carlsbad, Encinitas, Vista, Oceanside! Treat your child to an unforgettable day at our state-of-the-art VR arcade, featuring 2 VR arenas, VR car simulator, and our player vault. From escape rooms, action-adventure, and laser tag games, your child and their friends will be immersed in thrilling virtual worlds for hours of laughter and enjoyment. Book your child’s next birthday party with us and make it a day they’ll never forget!

A birthday party, a school field trip, or a get-together with friends: Escape To VR has all kinds of Virtual Reality activities to offer players! We also have a private lobby space for kids and their parents/ guardians to relax during the event. Safety, coupled with maximum VR gaming time, is our focus during events for younger players ages 9 and up


Up to 10 players cost $290, each person after that is an additional $20 per person. Up to 12 players allowed for 9 Years Old Virtual Reality Birthday Parties

1 hour of VR activities and 30 minutes in our lobby for cake, food and drinks (not provided.)

What to expect when booking a birthday with us!

With the 1.5 hour event package you receive 1 hour of VR game time and 30 minutes for food/drinks/presents. For a party with up to 10 people you will have our two main arenas all for your party! We have 2 arenas available which holds up to 5 people in one arena, and up to 6 people in the other. This means we can have 11 people all playing without anyone being left out. Please be as accurate as possible when booking your party so we know how many arenas are needed. If you have a party of 11+ people we will swap in additional players as needed. You also have access to our single player VR vault where we run games like Beat Saber and Dirt Rally racing with a steering wheel controller.

With the average birthday we will have both arenas playing action games. You will be able to choose from a collection of cooperative games that focus on killing a common enemy as well as a laser tag game. If you have specific games requests please let us know before your party and we are usually able to accommodate.

Food is allowed in our lobby area. We provide a standard fold out table and tablecloth and there is a side counter you can use as well. We do not have a fridge or freezer so please bring a cooler if you need. Each birthday package includes 30 minutes for food and present time.

You can view the games available for your event here: https://exitarena.com/product-tag/included-during-birthday-event/

Escape To VR is the best place and idea for a gaming party.

Lead your friends to victory on your special day, or conquer them!


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