12 Cool Uses Of Virtual Reality, From Training To Travel


Expert Panel, Young Entrepreneur Council

The world has been enamored with the use of virtual reality ever since the movie Tron came out in the ‘80s. Today’s VR is a bit different from the fancy world imagined on the silver screen, but the technology has a lot of practical uses.

Simulation technology has improved drastically since its initial creation. Virtual reality is the next logical step in making simulation resemble the world around us. As VR is already being used in business for training and in gaming for total immersion, we asked 12 members of Young Entrepreneur Council to share the coolest application of virtual reality they had ever encountered. Here’s what they had to say.

1. Sales Training

I’ve heard of virtual reality technology used in sales training to allow salespeople to practice their needs-analysis skills. It’s a great way to have the sales team practice real-life scenarios without having them make mistakes with strong prospects. This would be very valuable to any business building a sales team, because practice makes perfect, as they say! – Keith ShieldsDesignli

2. Job Training

Job training videos through virtual reality have become a very exciting way to conduct a vital part of business. For example, companies can train employees away from the factory floor and from anywhere. Using virtual reality for job training can also improve the training process by making sure that each training session is identical for everyone. – Jared WeitzUnited Capital Source Inc.

3. Virtual Attendance

Consumers can buy virtual tickets to sporting events that allow them to see the game as if they are standing right on the field. I think this technology could have significant implications for business owners with remote teams that often have meetings and presentations. Imagine the traditional Zoom video chat system, but with everyone sitting at a table in VR. – Chris ChristoffMonsterInsights

4. Test Drives

I’ve been seeing many creative uses of VR for marketing. It’s really amazing how it’s now possible to give customers a realistic experience of products and places from their own devices. For example, Volvo created a virtual test drive, where people can test-drive cars from their phones. It’s actually more like a video game than an actual test drive, but it’s still a cool marketing strategy. – Kalin KassabovProTexting

5. Safety Training

One of the coolest applications for VR in business is in training. It’s possible to use VR technology to simulate an environment like a construction site. This makes it a very safe and effective way to train people in safety and security protocols. It can also be a lot more convenient and inexpensive. It’s very likely that more companies will adopt VR for training. – Blair WilliamsMemberPress

6. Surgical Training

The way that many surgeons have started implementing VR to practice delicate surgical procedures was what truly made me believe that VR was the future. I can easily see similar educational applications for industrial and engineering fields, as well. My advice for entrepreneurs in the education industry is to find a way to implement this technology to improve their courses and learning materials. – Bryce Welker, The Big 4 Accounting Firms

7. Demos

Some enterprise clients have had really unique experiences demoing a new product by having a VR experience of it. They basically simulate the software interface in VR, rent out the equipment to the prospect prior to the demo and send them return shipping after the demos are done. – Nicole MunozNicole Munoz Consulting, Inc.

8. Virtual Meetings

I’ve seen virtual reality used to host virtual meetings with people all over the world. I think it’s a taste of the not-so-distant future of a new wave of virtual collaboration. To date, many attempts have been gimmicky at best, but what’s to come will offer new ways to collaborate with an emphasis on productivity. – Jordan EdelsonAppetizer Mobile LLC

9. AR Ads

Since late last year, Facebook has been testing augmented reality ads with a small group of brands. They are expected to enter beta testing later this year. AR ads have been used to try on glasses and clothes before buying, to test makeup and to see how furniture looks in a customer’s home. Click-through rates and purchases were substantially higher for AR ads than other types of advertising. – Chris MaddenMatchnode

10. Travel Experiences

Samsung launched an immersive VR experience in collaboration with NASA that made people feel like they were walking on the moon. If it’s possible to experience a 4D lunar gravity experience, then imagine the applications in business. Travel and tourism businesses can attract customers with VR travel experiences. This also pushes the boundaries for what entertainment businesses can do. – Syed BalkhiWPBeginner

11. Underwater Exploration

One science museum in Philadelphia has VR where participants can explore the ocean. Such technology could increase awareness of ocean health and track the journeys of single-use plastics and other wasteful products. It could also be used to promote tourism for adventure locales where potential customers could test the journey ahead of time, encourage vicarious consumption and education. – Duran InciOptimum7

12. Unique Experiences

For National Senior Citizens Day, Viarama visited seniors receiving end-of-life care in nursing homes and hospices and provided them with VR experiences they never thought possible. Using VR, they took people on a trip to Hawaii or back to the place where they got married. I think this goes to show that businesses shouldn’t just use VR to promote a product, but to provide an experience. – Thomas GriffinOptinMonster

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