The Ultimate List of Team-Building Activities

Slaying Dragons Will Benefit Your Team

By: Erik Hyrkas

As the world shifts to more remote work environments and digital conferencing, sometimes team chemistry, morale, and workplace interaction takes a backseat.

That’s why it’s important to get teams together to collaborate and interact with one another in a unique environment, which is exactly what Virtual Reality Escape Room offers. Below are the five best examples of how VR escape rooms can benefit your team!

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1. Problem-Solving Skills

The first time you drop into a virtual reality escape room game, you will immediately find yourself in a new and unfamiliar environment. It could be a medieval scene, a spaceship, or even inside an ancient Egyptian tomb.

Sounds more exciting than a conference room, right?!

Immediately after your initial adjustment of exploration, you’ll find yourself hit in the face with a problem–how do you proceed to the next step? You’ll have to find patterns, test theories, and solve these problems in order to progress further in the game. This takes specific critical-thinking skills that you may not utilize while working your day job, and that can be a benefit to everyone involved.

2. Collaboration

Once stuck on the first problem in a Virtual Reality Escape Room, you’ll find that you need to work with other people to help you achieve goals. For example, you might be faced with the problem of opening a locked door. But in order To do so, four team members must collaborate to pull levers, lift objects, and set off a specific chain reaction to succeed. If your team is lacking in collaboration and basic communication skills, your team’s ship will figuratively sink, and you’ll have to try again. Virtual Reality Escape Room can also offer you hints, but the onus is on your colleague’s ability to work together to solve these problems!

The Team That Slays Together, Stays together!

3. Listening and Communications Skills

You can’t collaborate if you can’t communicate. A four-player VR escape room game requires everyone to discuss solutions to solve each puzzle. This means you also have to do something many people forget to–listen. Your workforce will have to learn to communicate effectively and quickly with open ears to slay dragons, open doors, or save a spaceship from incoming asteroids. In what other team building exercise, can you do that?
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4. Designating roles

Perhaps one of the most important parts of working together is designating roles to support one another. To effectively solve a problem as a team, it can be beneficial to have one director (or captain) telling colleagues what to do and when. You can even flip your corporate structure on its head to give someone lower on the totem pole a shot at leadership! The role-playing options at Virtual Reality Escape Rooms are endless, and can better illustrate how strong leadership and the support from other roles create one cohesive team.

Support one another

5. Team Morale, Bonding, and Fun

The most important thing Virtual Reality Escape Room can offer your team is FUN! Long gone are the days of corporate retreats wasting colleagues time and energy listening to each other lecture. Now you can actually learn, play, collaborate, and communicate with your company while doing something entirely new, adventurous, and exciting. Many of our customers have said they’ve never done anything this FUN for a team retreat before!


Does this sound like the perfect team-building event for your company? Book an Virtual Reality Escape Room Now!

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