Halloween Brings Immersive Horror To The World
September 10, 2019
Photo by Tertia van Rensburg on Unsplash
It’s baaaaaack…

They say there are no seasons in LA. Everyone here knows that’s wrong.

We have at least two: Summer and Spooky.

Every year the Things That Go Bump In The Night don’t even wait for the heat to die down before they possess the imaginations of everyone in the region. From horror stans to Halloween fans, everywhere you look the colors are orange, black, and deep, dark, red.

To keep up with all things horror, not just the immersive stuff, there’s two resources you should check out. First is the Halloween Season Events Newsletter from our friends at Midsummer Scream, which is going to have all kinds of seasonal events — from film screenings to home haunts, and yes: immersive events. Then there’s Horrorbuzz, which covers the horror scene across the Southland and beyond.

You will not get lost with the three of us as your guide. Unless, of course, that’s the point. Bwhahahahahahahaha.

In annnny case: this page is going to update throughout the season. Why we’re already looking forward to Crossroads Escape Game’s Seance, and a birdie tells us to keep an eye on… no, no, that’s going too far. Just keep your eyes peeled. (Not like that. Ew.)

Our “Dead”liners

Haus of Creep

When: Sep. 13, — Nov. 3, 2019
Where: Row DTLA
Price: $69, 21+ only

Tags: #immersive, #sex, #violence, #selfies, #ContactAdvisory, #ContentAdvisory, #MobilityAdvisory, #21+

One of the highlights of Spooky Season in LA is back with the HAUS OF CREEP.

CREEP offers up a “nightmarish playground of over a dozen installations,” featuring “grand and shocking scenes as well as intimate scares.” Plus a lounge with strange characters, deranged puppet shows, and “innovative analog installations” by Media Pollution.

Delusion — The Blue Blade: Alt Delete

When: September 18 — December 15, Wednesdays — Sundays
Where: The Dragon and Meeple; 3742 S Flower St, Los Angeles
Price: $38, 13+

Tags: #immersive, #gaming, #adventure #ContactAdvisory, #ContentAdvisory, #MobilityAdvisory

The latest chapter in Delusion’s Blue Blade Saga takes you to The Dragon & Meeple pub, where you’ll find yourself drawn back to 1982, where you are tasked with cleaning up the tracks of rogue scientist and time travel crime boss Evelyn Lowell.

Plus: stick around for dinner and tabletop gaming, with the Show plus Dinner option.

Big Haunts

Knott’s cary Farm

Where nightmares never end

When: Sep. 19 — Nov. 2
Where: Knott’s Berry Farm, Buena Park, CA
Price: Starting at $43

Tags: #haunt, #themepark

The theme park haunt that started it all is now in it’s 46th year

This is the big one: prepare yourself for “1,000 horrifying creatures lurking in the fog and hiding in every corner of the park,” as the family friendly park becomes the stuff of nightmares.

The Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor

Fear Lives Here

When: Sep. 26 — Nov. 2
Where: The Queen Mary, Long Beach
Price: starting at $20

Tags: #haunt

Legend has it that The Queen Mary is haunted, and during Spooky Season legends come, well, “alive” is the wrong word. “200 monsters haunt six terrifying mazes, nightly live entertainment, secret bars,” and more await you.

Universal’s Hollywood Horror Nights

Survive the movies

When: Sep. 13 — Nov. 3
Where: Universal Studios, Hollywood
Price: Starting at $64

Tags: #haunt, #mazes, #themepark

Stranger Things, Ghostbusters, The Walking Dead, Killer Klowns From Outer Space, and Frankenstein vs. The Wolf Man are just HALF of the mazes that have been stacked up to terrify and delight Halloween thrill seekers.

Sinister Pointe: Mist

An all-new, unique haunted attraction from the horror masters

When: Oct. 4 — Nov. 2
Where: Westminster Mall, Westminster
Price: $29

Tags: #haunt, #gameplay

30,000 square feet of free roaming haunt action. Sinister Pointe’s famous attention to detail. A haunted scavenger hunt for 13 artifacts in a “dark, fog-filled town with nothing more than a map and your intuition.”

Haunted Hayride

New management. New scares.

When: Sep. 28 — Nov. 2
Where: The Old Zoo at Griffith Park, LA
Price: Starting at $29.99

Tags: #haunt

Welcome to Midnight Falls. Thirteenth Floor takes over the Haunted Hayride, and is bringing with them a whole new take on the annual event. Yes, you can still get a ticket for the Hayride alone, or you can brave the town of Midnight Falls — perpetually trapped in 1985… and if you’re not careful you just might get trapped too.

Six Flags Fright Fest

Find Your Fright

When: Sep. 14 — Nov. 3
Where: Magic Mountain Parkway, Valencia
Price: Starting at $54.99

Tags: #haunt, #themepark

There’s nowhere to hide as the undead take over Six Flags. Haunted attractions and scare zones are paired up Southern California’s most extreme coasters. Adrenaline junkies: here’s your ticket.

Indie Immersive Action

The Ritual

When: September 21–29
Where: DTLA
Price: $81.20, 18+

Tags: #immersive, #SpookySeason, #ContactAdvisory, #MobilityAdvisory

From the creators of Devotedand Sweet Dreams comes another eerie, interactive tale in which Six shall join the coven in search of one who has gone missing

Step into the center of a coven’s ritual as you’re propelled through time, memories and altered states of reality. You might find the something dark is there too, summoned by the ritual, following

Photo Credit: Jana Wimer

Urban Death Tour of Terror

Zombie Joe’s annual twisted maze and even more twisted stage show

When: Oct. 4 — Nov. 2, 2019. Fridays and Saturdays plus Halloween.
Where: Zombie Joe’s Underground Theatre Group 4850 Lankershim Boulevard, North Hollywood
Price: $16 in advance, $20 at the door; 16+

Tags: #nudity, #violence, #graphiccontent, #ContactAdvisory, #ContentAdvisory, #MobilityAdvisory

Urban Death is a full on freak-out of sex, death, gore, and things that just should not be. Each Halloween the stage show — a Grand Guignol of TikTok length vignettes — is accompanied by a creepy, freaky maze which brings you up close and maybe a little too personal with some of the denizens of the ZJU troupe’s imagination.

Suggested for Ages 16 and up.
“Family Friendly” Performances on Saturdays @ 7:00pm + Thursday, October 31 @ 7:00pm — the Suggested Minimum Age is 8 and up

Give Up the Ghost

This Spooky Season, you’re doing the haunting

When: September 27 — November 15 (Fridays, two shows nightly)
Where: First Christian Church of Whittier 6355 Greenleaf Ave, Whittier90601
Price: $50 (preview); $90-$100, 18+

Tags: #NoProLove, #immersive, #interactive, #ContactAdvisory, #ContentAdvisory, #MobilityAdvisory

From the creators of last year’s Hollywood Fringe One Last Thing Before You Go, comes an expanded version of their “reverse haunted house,” where the audience is doing the haunting.

Participants can interact with characters at the edge of life and death in scenes that can be violent, tragic, and occasionally darkly humorous. The actions you take changes your narrative, possibly even the show’s story. What choices will you make, as your beacon grows dim?

Terror DTLA

Escape with your life

When: Oct. 4–26
Where: 800 McGarry St, LA
Price: $55.60

Tags: #haunt, #ContentAdvisory (strobe effects), #MobilityAdvisory (crawling, tight spaces)

The director and Co-Producer of 2017’s NIGHT SHIFT DTLA, Robert Decker is back with a haunted house that includes immersive interaction and some escape room puzzles.

“You’ve just arrived for a terrifying medical appointment. Search your way through our dark and daunting facility in downtown Los Angeles, where you’ll battle an evil entity whose horrific goal is to painfully remove a precious part of you. It’s the stuff from which nightmares are made. Can you and your friends escape the TERROR?”

Escapes & Adventures

Jack The Ripper Virtual Reality Escape Room

Hunt London’s most notorious killer in the next dimensio

When: Ongoing
Where: South Bay Galleria; 2nd Floor #244; 1815 Hawthorne Blvd; Redondo Beach
Price: $25 per person, 13+

Tags: #VR, #Horror, #ContentAdvisory, #MobilityAdvisory

Step into a virtual world and explore an abandoned wax museum to discover who was Jack The Ripper.

Nicodemus: Demon of Evanishment (The Void)

When: Now booking on select dates through September 15
Where: 3rd Street Promenade, 1220 3rd Street, Santa Monica, 90401
Price: $19.95+; 10+; under 18 requires parent/guardian

Tags: #virtualreality, #freeroam, #interactive, #ContentAdvisory, #MobilityAdvisory

The Void brings back it’s Victorian, demon-fighting, hyper-reality, horror adventure, for those willing to dare to explore its multiple endings — Just in time to get you warmed up for Spooky Season

In the summer of 1893, the World’s Columbian Exposition — aka the Chicago World’s Fair — was held on the south side of Chicago. Three days before the fair closed, a tragic demonstration in the Electro-Spiritualism Exhibit brought something terrible into our world.

Word spread that an unknown creature was luring guests down to an ‘Evanishment Room’ … from which they never returned. The attractions were quickly and quietly closed. Workmen refused to dismantle the exhibits as the fair died around it. Two months later on January 4th of 1894, strange lights were seen coming from the abandoned exhibit hall.